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We strive for clarity and precision in the information shared, because we know that choosing a platform or teacher to learn another language should be a very thoughtful decision. For that reason, this web page contains Frequently Asked Questions about our teaching-learning process at Our Spanish Learning. If you have another question, feel free to contact us.

Rebeca Trejos
  • How is the enrollment process?

1. Do the diagnostic process.

2. Agree with the teacher the schedule of your classes.

3. Receive classes weekly.

  • How is the diagnostic applied?

     The person will have access to a file where there will be a document with links to complete the diagnostic and payment, when this applies. The Acceptance of our Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions will be there, too. The teacher and the person will agree on an appointment to apply the oral expression when necessary, through Zoom Meetings.

     When the teacher receives the responses from the links, she will have a week to review these and prepare the Spanish Learning Plan.

     The Diagnostic Results and the Spanish Learning Plan will be included in the previously shared file. The person must pay the diagnostic cost before receiving her/his Diagnostic Results. After that, if the person would like to take her/his classes, she/he will agree on a schedule with the teacher.

  • What does diagnostic include?

     The diagnostic depends on the educational interest of the students. For example, if the person would like to enroll Spanish course, the diagnostic would include oral and written expression, listening and reading comprehension, and grammatical level. On the other hand, if the person would like to enroll Spanish classes with an emphasis, the diagnostic could include grammatical level and any other part in order to determine the real necessity of the language. When the result of the diagnostic is ready, the teacher will prepare the Spanish Learning Plan and will include it into shared file with the person. The cost of it is included in the cost of the diagnostic.

  • What does Spanish Learning Plan include?

     In the shared file, the person will find a document called Diagnostic Results, with recommendations about her/his study. Also, they will find another document called the Spanish Learning Plan, organized in blocks. In every block, they will find objectives, grammar topics and their corresponding language functions.

  • Which methodology is used in the classes?

     Our classes are based on some principles:

1. When we prepare the Spanish Learning Plan, there are two factors that we take into account: the educational service requested by the student, and the student’s need found in the diagnostic test. When we plan classes, these are based on the student’s Spanish Learning Plan.

2. In classes, we use the Spanish language as much as possible. When we need to refer to a specific word for instance, we try to use techniques such as sounds, movements, descriptions, images, and drawings, but if these do not work due to different reasons, we will use English language for explaining that word. However, we try to take advantage of every minute in Spanish.

3. We take advantage of grammar rules to achieve goals. Grammar is a tool to communicate, not a goal itself.

4. We encourage communication in real situations as much as possible. It is more effective than fictional examples, but it depends on the topic and the class dynamic.

5. We foster a good attitude because this facilitates the ongoing learning process.

  • Which technological resources are necessary?

     In our classes, we will use GOOGLE® Drive and Zoom Meetings for the teaching-learning process, and PayPal® for payment.

  • Which are your privacy policies?

     Students’ personal data is strictly confidential, and it will not be shared in any way by Our Spanish Learning outside of their own teaching-learning process, except with the authorization of the students or their legal guardian (when the student is 13 years of age or older but is still a minor), or when it is required or permitted by law.

  • What about recorded classes?

     We teach through Zoom Meetings, record the classes and copy the link in the document called Development of Spanish Learning Plan, unless there was a technical issue. The link will be available for seven days, and after that, the video will be removed from our database. If the students or legal guardians (in cases which this applies) do not want their classes to be recorded, they must communicate this clearly when the class schedule is being defined.

     In accordance with our privacy policies, students’ personal data (including recorded classes) is strictly confidential, and it will not be shared in any way by Our Spanish Learning outside their own teaching-learning process, except with the authorization of the students or their legal guardian (in cases which this applies), or when it is required or permitted by law.

  • What is the process with middle and high school students?

     When the students are 13 years of age or older but still minors, the enrollment process and payment will be done by their legal guardian.

     In the class process, the legal guardian will have access to a file. This will contain three documents and one file. The documents are:

1. Diagnostic Results.

2. Spanish Learning Plan.

3. Development of Spanish Learning Plan. In this document, information will be added after each class (date, topic/objectives, activities, invitation/ video link, and observations, where you will find the payment report).

     In the case of the file included, this contains a document called Student´s Learning Resources (and any other useful material). In this, the teacher will add language content as the student learns. The student will have access to this file.

  • What happens if the students want to drop out?

     If the classes do not reach the expectations, or the students decide to drop out, they can do it at any time. Only remember: After 15 days without communications from students, we will enable the class schedule for other students.

  • How much does the diagnostic and classes cost?

     The diagnostic costs USD $37 (unless there is an offer on Spanish Online 2023 page), and it is applied once. The investment per an hour of regular class is USD $26 and per an hour of intensive class is USD $28. The payment can be done in advance or during the week of classes, and they include taxes.

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